Dungeon Nights: Refugees

Mushroom men sage 3

This was a short session, in part because we were listening to the election results roll in and getting really depressed about that.

The Myconids were happy to have their idol returned from the gargoyles. They opened a trap door in the base of the idol and took a heavy stone out of it, making it easy to transport with them. Everyone made camp for the night and did some talking. Screams of rage from far away in the caverns were heard from some huge beast (or possibly more than one).

The players took some time to try identifying more of their items. Tsafnur figured out the crucible he found can melt metal, but debases it in the process. The huge painting was identified as a portal into another world, but which can only be activated from Moonbeam Island. The painting is relatively indestructible and for some reason you all know it is called “The False Chantrelle”. Enkirash is originally from Moonbeam Island, but was banished and is not sure how to get back. Chameleon continued to fail to figure out how to activate either the golden torch or compass.

Talisa dedicated herself to Asclepius, Elvish god of healing. Tsafnur wants to return the locket to Nameless.

The company parts ways with the Mushroom People, decide not to try tackling whatever horrible beast the Myconids are fleeing, and head out of the caverns. On the way they were surprised by a flock of giant flying spiders, which nearly attacked, but Chameleon spoke with them and they continued on their way (also fleeing).

They emerge from the caves and travelled through the woods until reaching a road. Turning to the right, they follow the road, soon finding familiar landmarks (like where some of the party left the road originally to go to the goblin caves). They will soon be back in town.

Written on December 19, 2016