Dungeon Nights: Locket of the Honey Goblins, part two


Continuing on from part one, this is the same session, the same night.

I need to learn better how to run combat in Dungeon World. The combats in this session were too much like classic D&D. I missed a lot of opportunities to make things interesting and allow the characters to shine. The players did surprise me in their creative approaches, mostly coming from the fact that none of them are really fighters.

As the skeletons rose up, Tsafnur ran off to the side, at first appearing to be a cowardly bard, but in fact cleverly looking for a necromancer who might be controlling the skeletons. As his companions fought against the reanimated bones of dead warriors, he spotted a creature who looked like a giant grey toadstool, if a toadstool wore black robes and waved its arms rhythmically. As Tsafnur crossed the stream to attack the myconid necromance, Chameleon spotted where he was headed and threw her spear into the fungal sorceror, slicing into his arm. The myconid conjured black balls of some shadowy substance to fling at Tsafnur as he closed, which were dodged easily, and appeared unconcerned by the wound Chameleon inflicted, and unafraid even as Tsafnur cut him further (he cut as easily as a mushroom would, but did not bleed). A couple of further blows were enough to finish him and the skeletons collapsed back into bone fragments once their controller was gone. On the remains of the necromancer they found 3 coins a silver ring and [insert drumroll here] a locket!

Our companions decided to travel downstream following the path of the water and soon came to a cliff where the stream poured over in a substantial waterfall. The path down looked treacherous and while they stood next to the waterfall, a great arm reached out of it and pulled Wolfric under the rushing water. Acting quickly, Tsafnur grabbed Wolfric’s other arm as he was pulled away, but he acted too quickly and lost his footing on the treacherous cliffside. Rook caught Tsafnur’s leg before he fell off the ledge and they began a grim game of tug-of-war for Wolfric’s life. While Wolfric struggles against his unseen foe (and to breathe), Chameleon transforms into a giant osprey and flies a little way up, then dives into the waterfall to dig her talons into the creature holding Wolfric. As she continues the assault, Tsafnur lets go of his friend to regain his own feet and then stabs into the water, managing to also score a hit on the fiend, which lets go of Wolfric, who with his remaining strength leaps towards his companions (narrowly missing impaling himself on Tsafnur’s rapier), who then pull him from the water. Together (and joined by Chameleon back in her human form), they retreat from the cliff’s edge and the troll-inhabited waterfall, back toward where they fought the myconid necromancer.

In the distance, where they first entered the cave, they can still hear a substantial number of goblins, some of them appear to be shouting orders. There is a slight breeze coming from the same direction that the stream originates from, and it has the same foul smell they encountered in the goblin kitchen. By the light of their torch they cannot see the walls or ceiling of the cavern in any direction.

Looking more carefully around this part of the great cavern, they find the ruins of what may have been a house, but seems more like a ship, although how a ship could have gotten this far underground is a mystery. They gather some firewood from the ship to make camp, and find underneath the rotting boards a skeleton clothed in a very fancy (and well-preserved), heavily embroidered black and silver robe. The skeleton is also wearing a ring, and they found an earring and a pouch containing 3 gems (emerald, diamond, ruby) and a tiny crystal decanter of some thick liquid.

With enemies on two sides (assuming the troll may still be out there), our companions must now figure out which way to go from here.

Written on September 12, 2016