Dungeon Nights: Forest on the move

Enkirash in a Tree

A little follow-up in town and then the party is back to nature.

The party decided it was time to get out of town, but first Rook visited the magic appraiser who had her tiny crystal decanter. He identified that the contents were not magical, but extremely rare Moon Wine from a long-vanished empire of sorceror vintners. The decanter itself is enchanted to preserve the tiny sip of wine inside. The appaiser made increasing offers for the decanter, topping out at 1000 coins, which Rook declined.

Clovis also had to make a stop before leaving town, to have her Choker of Ostentatiousness repaired, which a jewler did for 30 coins, strengthening the neckpiece at the same time, so that Clovis can now wear it proudly on her armour without fear of it being torn off again.

As they wrap up their shopping, Talisa returns to town and finds them, without Enkirash. She tells them that Enkirash was weaving a spell of protection around their camp, and was sucked into a tree. She didn’t see it happen, but Enkirash disappeared, and she found a tree with Enkirash’s silhouette in it. She is hoping her companions, especially Chameleon, may be able to help free Enkirash.

The party follows Talisa back to the camp she shared with Enkirash, but the tree is no longer there. Chameleon is able to communicate with the trees and finds that Enkirash’s magic was creating a disturbance to the energy of the woods and is basically a prisoner of the forest’s immune system. The party tracked her (still in a tree) and Chameleon prepared an impromptu ritual to remove her from the tree using the sphenoid bones Talisa had been collecting, the dwarven rope Clovis carries, and risking the wrath of the forest. They succeeded, and a naked Enkirash emerged. She still has her ring of anti-magic, her spellbook, and the other players loaned her gear (bow and arrows from Talisa, a fancy robe from Tsafnur, a dagger from Rook).

The party needed to determine a new goal. Clovis wants riches. Talisa wants to find her runaway, but isn’t prepared to share the reward. Tsafnur wants to track down Shadebolt the Sorceror, but is not very convincing to the others.

Talisa tells the party more about the 239 years young runaway, the middle daughter of three, she went away for five days to Kalika, but never returned. Her horse was found with a scrap of her robe attached. Her uncle was supposed to meet her halfway, but she didn’t show up. In between her home and the city of Kalika is a merchant town with a gateway to the sea.

The party decides to make their way towards the merchant town, Skagway, as a good place to investigate the runaway and maybe find a map to Moonbeam Island. Chameleon serves as trailblazer, Talisa as scout, and Clovis as quartermaster (but they have the Porcelain Pig of Prosperity). Halfway through the trip, a razorboar attacks. Clovis roars at the boar to draw its attention and it charges her, Tsafnur beats his drum, deafening both the boar and Clovis. Rook tosses Clovis a vial of Serpent’s Tears to coat her axe, Bitey. Talisa climbs a tree.

Clovis sidesteps the boar’s charge and strikes it in the neck with the poisoned axe. The wound is instantly oozing pus and putrescence (and bleeding heavily), but Bitey breaks off in the boar’s neck. Talisa fires an arrow into the open wound, killing the boar.

Clovis, Talisa, and Chameleon take tusks from the boar (it had four tusks), and Rook guts it (in a rad and metal way) to extract a bezoar stone from the boar’s guts.

Bezoar Stone

Special thanks to Sara (Rook) for awesome note-taking!

Written on December 21, 2016