Dungeon Nights: Return of the Queen

Fewer boss fights, a chance to catch their collective breath, and some foreshadowing.

Talisa and Mija caught up with Genesa and Andrew as the keep re-entered their world. Hilvy was also nearby, and was forefully drawn in by the queen. Serverus was nowhere to be seen, but Selene was at least semi-coherent and offered Talisa the chance to be her Champion both in this world and in Faerieland, with the promise of unprecedented power. Talisa refused, with some effort, as the Queen considered this as an order and a massive honor and was exerting magical influence as well. Failing to turn Talisa to her service, a visibly angry Selene turned her attention to Hilvy, who was unable to resist the command. Servants appeared and prepared a banquet and decorated the clearing for the ceremony of Hilvy’s coronation as Selene’s champion. Everyone present was able to see the change come over her as she radiates (poorly-controlled) power and authority, and seems considerably colder to the companions than she once was.

After the coronation, snow begins to fall, even though it was early autumn when they defeated Grumblesticks. The temperature drops and frost covers the trees, still with green leaves on them. As quickly as they can the companions make their leave and hurry away. Andrew is exhausted and feeling drained of more than just energy, and Talisa is still shaken from the effort it took to resist Selene. Throughout everything, Helga clung to Genesa and didn’t say a word.

They soon pass out of the zone of sudden winter, although it seems to be slowly spreading.

Written on July 18, 2017